Listing Programs

Listing Programs

Selling a Home

The prospect of selling a house can appear intimidating and expensive.  Cedar Bay Real Estate can successfully guide you through the listing and sale process at a cost much less than you might think.

Listing Programs

Cedar Bay Real Estate offers two cost effective listing programs incorporating the latest internet marketing tools to attract the best buyers, along with a full range of traditional techniques to get your house sold.

Standard Program - 5 Percent Commission

  • The listing broker commission is 2.0 percent of the selling price.
  • The selling broker commission is 3.0 percent of the selling price.
  • The total commission is 5.0 percent of the selling price. 

What's Included

  • MLS listing with 25 photos...wide angle lens used
  • Internet exposure on multiple websites....including other broker sites
  • Google search engine optimization
  • Email Notification to registered customers
  • For Sale Sign
  • QR Code Sign Rider
  • Lock Box
  • Full Color Info Sheets
  • Home Staging Suggestions
  • Broker Open House
  • Public Open Houses
  • Just Listed Card Mailing
  • Virtual Tour.....with link for emailing
  • Featured Listing Status On homepage
  • Post Standard Advertising 
  • Follow-Up on showings and internet searches
  • Work with a local agent for qualifying buyers and negotiations
  • Coordination of transaction from purchase contract to closing

Optional Program - 5.5 Percent Commission

  • The listing broker commission is 2.0 percent of the selling price. 
  • At the homeowner's option, a 3.5 percent commission is offered to the selling broker.
  • The total commission is 5.5 percent of the selling price.

How It Works

As an example, the homeowner chooses the Standard Program offering 3.0 percent to the selling broker.  The total commission is then 5 percent of the selling price.  The house sells for $200,000.  A commission of $10,000 is due at closing.

The homeowner would have paid a $14,000 commission if the house had been listed at a 7 percent commission level.  In this example, listing with Cedar Bay Real Estate saved the homeowner $4,000.

How You Save Money

To understand how a homeowner can save money with Cedar Bay Real Estate, you need to understand how the real estate commission system works.  Although each transaction is unique, generally speaking, homeowners list their house with an agent working for the listing broker.  A buyer's agent working for the selling broker brings in potential buyers.  If a purchase offer is accepted and the sale closes, the commission is split between the listing broker and the selling broker.  Although commission levels vary, as an example, if the homeowner had agreed to a 7 percent commission, 3.5 percent would go to the listing broker and 3.5 percent would go to the selling broker.  These commissions are then further split between the brokers and their respective agents.  At Cedar Bay, our business model minimizes the listing broker's portion of the commission and passes the savings along to the homeowner.



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